Supplier Management Strategy Whitepaper

How segmenting supplier types can improve SRM efficiency 10x.

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The suppliers you choose have a major effect on your business. Your revenue and reputation depend on having the right vendors behind you.

However, many businesses have no idea how much they spend with their suppliers. Some donโ€™t see any need to segment their suppliers, preferring to treat them all equally. Others struggle with how to segment, unsure how to effectively measure a supplierโ€™s value.

In this white paper, weโ€™ll address the challenges businesses face segmenting their suppliers. Weโ€™ll also walk you through a complete framework for carrying out effective segmentation, identifying new opportunities with your existing suppliers.

Youโ€™ll learn how to manage your suppliers, and understand which segments have the most potential, which will positively affect the outcomes of your supplier review meetings going forward.

Download your copy today and find out:

  • The critical mistakes that companies make when segmenting.
  • The 12 questions you need to ask about every one of your suppliers.

  • How to use your results to gain fresh insights and negotiate better terms.

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